Anche in fine, come in principio, il Logos sarà!


Anche in fine, come in principio, il Logos sarà!

Triple presentation of the work and thought of Costas Tsoclis in the church of Santa Verdiana, in the Florence School of Architecture

In an atmosphere of devotion created by the evocative church of Santa Verdiana, the complete attention of visitors, and his imposing presence, Costas Tsoclis presented his new position in favour of 'work as intent' rather than 'work as object'. His address, titled 'Finally, again the Word exists' followed the performance 'Tsoclis: Ourselves'.

Costas Tsoclis writes about the Performance:

In the sea of our life and work many persons surely swim and drown.  We ourselves remain on the surface, like living examples of that collective attempt at salvation, but losing bit by bit our original form and assuming the general human form. 

Without sex, without age, without country.
Within the scope of my related works called "Living Painting" which began in 1985 with Harpooned Fish and continued with a series of analogous works through the great complex tragedies to Ten Points of Vision at Paphos in the summer of 2017, I am now offering my own self as a screen onto which will be symbolically projected certain persons (among many others) who have participated in  the formation of the person, of the work, known as Costas Tsoclis. This is not so much to render justice (which I would also wish) but to create yet another work of art and drive "Living Painting" forward to it ultimate limits.

With this work I am not proposing a new vocabulary, but with familiar words I am writing yet another poem, the beauty and permanence of which I cannot predict.