This Museum is a cry of distress, a call to attend, because it was created out of the need to preserve a part of the polymorphic work of a modern artist, so that if an art lover or student of fine art is interested, they will know where to turn. Because unfortunately, contemporary artists in our country are completely unprotected and their most important works are slowing dying, hidden away in storerooms, while only a few are held in certain private collections isolated from the public and often confused among works of different intentions and interests done by Greek and foreign colleagues.


Our wish is that someday there will be established in this country institutions and persons able to take up the responsibility for protecting and promoting those works (always to the degree that the work is worthy) without personal passions, rivalries or interests, and then those little museums (and there are many of them) may become branches of that greater one that will protect whatever is worthy of protection and timely promotion.


This is our contribution to Art.


This is an opportunity for us to offer to all of our visitors the possibility of enriching their holidays aesthetically, and to some of them the prospect of understanding and being moved by enriching their souls as well. Every year a different unity of creations by Costas Tsoclis is exhibited here at this Museum, bringing the viewer into contact, even if only by association, with universal contemporary Art.


This is our offering to our fellow human beings. 

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